Our Approach

The timeless “one-room schoolhouse” model provides a recipe for upholding the culture we value. Our approach, among other things, highlights the following attributes:

Our Form

  •  Open-ended experience (learning is personalized to meet the needs of both advanced and progressing students, ensuring all students are growing positively and sincerely)
  • Mixed ages
  • Tech free
  • Family emphasis
  • Character Map and Paths of Attention (Knowledge, Genius, Heart)

Our Study (Academics, Arts, & Culture)

  • Classical content
  • Living-education
  • Nature-based
  • Language focus
  • Arts and music
  • Family emphasis


We study the following subjects during the daily morning lessons:

  • History through storytelling
  • Literature through high-level classics
  • Language and Writing through time-tested practices
  • Mathematics program tailored to each individual’s level
  • Science through the direct observation of nature

Arts & Culture

We include the following areas of study in the daily afternoon arts and culture program:

  • Dance
  • Music
  • Art
  • Chinese
  • French
  • Latin & Greek primer (for upper students)

Please see our Parent Guide for more details on our curriculum and programs

Summer Camp