We believe that a true education consists of two parts: 1) building a compass for the heart through the blending of virtue and knowledge, and 2) inspiring an educated imagination rooted in classical literature, nature, & the arts

Our highest aim is to bring the universal power of virtue to our students and families, creating the best possible learning environment for our community—one full of warmth and positivity.
We’re building an original model of education—inspired by the best forms of learning through history: vivid storytelling, the direct experience of nature, the richness of the arts, and classical traditions. 
We bring you peace of mind that your child will learn in a wholesome atmosphere. We bring you confidence that your child is on the path of growing their character and intellect. We welcome your family to join us and embark on a new schooling journey.

“There is a perfection which all knowledge ought to reach, and which our pupils ought also to attain, and not to fall short of.”                                                 Socrates

Our admissions process is clear and simple.

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