Our Team

Michael Fitzgerald, Principal

Michael is an experienced educator with an M.S. in Brain-Based Education. After a decade teaching in a variety of school models, he is using his knowledge of classical education to lead Northern Schoolhouse, all while pursuing his doctorate in education.

A dabbler in logic, philosophy, hiking, archery, chess, music, and handiwork, he brings his deep interest in the great minds of history to our Schoolhouse culture.

Katherine Fitzgerald, Instructional Coordinator & Music Teacher


Katie has nearly two decades’ experience with children in education and humanitarian work. Her studies in educational history, methodology, curriculum, and child psychology form the basis of the programs developed for Northern Schoolhouse.

Music, math, baking, knitting, drawing, and gardening are among her many interests, and she shares her passion for doing and making with our Schoolhouse community.

Michelina Palmer, Lead Teacher


Julie Agosto, Lead Teacher

Ariel Keener, Lead Teacher

Kevin Brophy, Assistant Teacher

Angela Vetanen, Assistant Teacher & Chinese Teacher

Carmen Trabal, Assistant Teacher

Feng Xuan, Dance Teacher

Sarah Daley, Art Teacher

Tiffany Wu, Chinese Teacher


Ruqin Ma, Chinese Teacher